5 Star Review of Pilgrims To Patriots

Here’s a terrific book for any grandfather or grandmother who’d like to spend some high quality time bonding with and passing on the story of America’s beginning to a pre-teen grandchild. The book is fast-paced, with short chapter after chapter of carefully researched and engagingly written mini-histories of many of early America’s most important and fascinating events, from the arrival of the Pilgrims to the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. I’m currently reading the book to my l0-year-old granddaughter, whom I used to read children’s stories to before she began developing a life of her own. She loves the book, and while she’s a good enough reader to read and understand most of it on her own, reading it together is giving us the opportunity to have discussions and share thoughts in a way we would never have otherwise. Great idea, great format, and a true gift to both of us.  R.S., Essex, CT on Amazon.


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