Sailboat Sculpture

The sailboat shown in my blog header is a sculpture by my son, Gregor Bugaeff.  The title is “The Dugout Sails on Lake Tanganyika.”  The medium is steel and broken plate glass.  Dimensions are length: 30″, depth: 11″ and height: 15″.  

Incidentally, the color of the sail was done with an oxyacetylene welding torch.  It is not pigmented in any way.  Gregor “paints” with the torch, achieving remarkable images just by heating the metal to get the desired effect.  These effects vary dramatically depending not only on the length of time that heat is applied, but also by the movement of the torch (like a paintbrush) and even the chemical composition of the metal.

I hope you like it.  To me it represents how our founders sailed through storms and danger to form our country.  We are in debt to those who made it.  To see more of Gregor’s work, please visit his website

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