Foundry:  a workshop in which metal is forged or cast into new forms.

The U.S. Constitution was a new form of government – one that had never been tried.  The foundry of a new world, a new way of life and a new nation produced it.  Succeeding generations have made their imprints on it.   

On this site, we discuss the Constitution, its history, the powers it confers, and the freedoms it protects.  Though written over 200 years ago, the Constitution remains, as it must, the foundation of all we hold dear. 

The Founding Fathers wrote simply and directly in the language of their day.  Their intent was no mystery (how other meanings are attributed is a different story and is fair game here).  We, likewise, encourage that comments hold to the same standard.

About Alex Bugaeff

I am “Gomps.”  That is the name my granddaughter gave me when she first tried to pronounce “grampa.”  It stuck and I cherish it, so much so that I used it as my name in my new book – Pilgrims To Patriots – the first in my Grandfather Series of history stories told to grandchildren.

A Bachelor’s in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration both from the University of California, Berkeley, launched me on a 40 year career of organizational consulting in government.  Along the way, I have continued the serious study of early American history.

I aim to share the history with you at this site and in my book.  I hope you will pass it along to your children and grandchildren.

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