Welcome to Freedom’s Foundry!

This marks the launch of freedomsfoundry.com where our Nation’s Founding and the lessons it teaches are freely discussed.

Please take a moment to get to know my site.  Pay particular attention to these features:

 ·  About Posting.  Look in the column on the right to see the schedule for new posts and comments.  In my posts, I will weave together the history of our Founding and its relevance to today’s events.

·  Plain Talk.  These are the basic rules for entering comments.  All comments will be reviewed before they are displayed.  

·  Coming in October.  If my posts interest you, you may wish to buy my book – Pilgrims To Patriots, A Grandfather Tells The Story.  It is scheduled to be released in October, 2012 and will be linked to the publisher and to Amazon at that time. 

·  Tidbits for Today.  From time to time, I come upon sayings that make me think in new ways.  I will post the good ones here.

You are cordially invited to return here at your convenience.  You may choose only to read, but I encourage you to add your comments if you feel so moved.  Thank you.     

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